VCBeat launches its first ever report on global DTx industry

By 陈鹏 May. 29th 2022

In recent years, DTx (Digital Therapeutics) has attracted industry attention and gained wide recognition for its unique advantages. As the first media organization to follow DTx in China, VCBeat ( started to focus on DTx as early as 2016 and has been striving to promote the industry in the way we know best. To date, VCBeat has published hundreds of articles on DTx. We have alsopublished China Digital Therapeutics Industry White Paper (2021) and China Digital Therapeutics White Paper 2.0, which has made  a far-reaching  impact and greatly promoted the development of the industry.

There is no doubt that the DTx industry is growing much faster than expected. Therefore, VCBeat also continues to follow the industry trend today, officially releasing the Global Digital Therapeutics Industry Report (2022). The report is jointly released by VCBeat and Hainan Provincial Health Commission, with the assistance of industry partners - The Digital Therapeutics Committee of China Association for Medical Devices Industry as the consultant; dozens of organizations in the industry are involved in compiling the report. The report aims to present a comprehensive and timely picture of the development and exploration of DTx globally and domestically, and to provide a reference for the development of the industry.

DTx has now received a great deal of attention from the healthcare industry. Pioneering regions of China are also exploring in various ways. For example, Hainan province is the first to include DTx in its provincial plan. The joint release of the Global Digital Therapeutics Industry Report (2022) by VCBeat and Hainan Provincial Health Commission also represents the consistent attention to DTx in Hainan province. Zhang Yuhui, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Health Commission, said in this regard: "The development of DTx industry is in line with the central government's requirements for Hainan's innovative and high-quality development, and is an important path for Hainan to accelerate the construction of a patient-centered healthcare system and enhance the health and well-being of Hainan people, as well as a new engine for the high-quality development of Hainan's healthcare industry. Hainan will seize the historical opportunity to promote the DTx industry to gather and develop in Hainan, andgive wings to Hainan's healthcare system development with intelligent medical service."

The report’s content is shown as follows:

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Digital Therapeutics

   1.1 Definition and key features of Digital Therapeutics

       1.1.1 Definition of Digital Therapeutics

       1.1.2 Key features of Digital Therapeutics

   1.2 Pain points solved by Digital Therapeutics

       1.2.1 Patients

       1.2.2 Healthcare providers

       1.2.3 Payers

       1.2.4 Pharmaceutical enterprises

   1.3 Technology-empowered Digital Therapeutics

       1.3.1 Artificial intelligence

       1.3.2 IoT

       1.3.3 Cloud computing and big data

       1.3.4 Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

       1.3.5 Low-code development

2. Current situation of global Digital Therapeutics industry

   2.1. Rise of Digital Therapeutics around the world

       2.1.1. United States

       2.1.2. Europe

       2.1.3. Japan

       2.1.4. South Korea

   2.2. Global policy promotion of Digital Therapeutics

   2.3 Global industry clusters for Digital Therapeutics

   2.4  Forecast of global Digital Therapeutics market size

   2.5  Business model of global Digital Therapeutics

   2.6  Investment and financing analysis of global Digital Therapeutics

   2.7 Global approval of Digital Therapeutics

       2.7.1 Specific approval policy of Digital Therapeutics

       2.7.2 Approval status

   2.8 Global Digital Therapeutics organizations

3. What Hainan Does in the field of Digital Therapeutics Industry


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