Geneplus Completed Series B Financing of Nearly 200 Million Yuan, Led By Co-Stone

By Mailman Oct. 9th 2019

According to PEdaily, Geneplus Technology (Geneplus) announced that it had completed the B round financing of nearly 200 million yuan in July 2019, led by Shenzhen Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd (Co-Stone), and followed by Volcanics Venture, BGI, Green Pine Capital, UEC Group, and Desun Group. This round of financing will mainly be used for the company's clinical application of gene sequencing platforms in China, early screening of tumors and the integration of prevention and treatment services.

Founded in April 2015, Geneplus is a high-tech enterprise focusing on precision medical treatment of tumors. Based on the domestic NGS platform and big data about tumor genes, the company provides four kinds of services including clinical testing, medical device manufacturing, scientific and technological cooperation, and tumor prevention and treatment. 

At present, Geneplus's Gene+Seq-200/2000 (a kind of Gene sequencing machine) has been approved by NMPA, and its Gene+OncoBox NGS automatic interpretation has obtained the software certification. Geneplus is also expected to get the certification of lung cancer guidelines kits this year. 

Geneplus has cooperated with more than 400 large hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes at home and abroad to improve precision medicine with nearly 120,000 pieces of big data. In addition, Geneplus has provided R&D services for new drugs for more than 20 well-known enterprises at home and abroad including AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Innovent. Besides, it explores an integrated mode of tumor prevention and treatment and develops products in the field of early diagnosis of the tumor.


About Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd (Co-Stone)

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Co-Stone is known to be one of the earliest private equity investment firms in China. Co-Stone has established more than 80 funds in angel investment, venture capitalism, private capitals, mergers & acquisition, private placements, and securities, with a total asset valuation of over 50 billion RMB under its management. The company has invested in a batch of outstanding companies in TMT, healthcare, media & entertainment, consumer & retail fields, and accompanied them to grow into industry-leading enterprises.


About Green Pine Capital Partners Co.LTD (Green Pine Capital)

Founded in 2007, Green Pine Capital is one of the most time-honored venture capital institutions in China, with rich experience in biomedicine, new energy and materials, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and other fields. The company not only provides funds for the invested enterprises, but also provides high-quality post-investment services and integrated resources. Green Pine Capital manages funds of ten billion yuan and has invested more than 7 billion yuan.