Ningkang Ruizhu Completed Tens of Millions of Yuan Series A Financing, To Build a Tissues-Specific Platform of Targeted Drugs

By Mailman Sep. 30th 2019

Ningkang Ruizhu Biopharmaceutical (Zhuhai) Co., LTD. closed on tens of millions of yuan Series A financing invested by Hanne Capital and Hengqin Financial Investment.

The co-founders of Ningkang Ruizhu, Dr. Xiong Yusheng and Dr. Guan Hongping, are focused on chemistry and biology and seeking new breakthroughs in innovative drugs.

The main research direction of Ningkang Ruizhu includes autoimmune diseases, tumor immunity, and metabolic diseases. It mainly engaged in the development of specific tissue-targeted molecules, such as the liver and intestinal targeted drugs, to reach high efficacy and low side effects. At present, the company's projects are still in the early stage of development. "We've seen some opportunities in these areas over our past research. We hope to build our own drug development platform and launch several innovative drugs as soon as possible," Dr. Yu Shengxiong said.

Ningkang Ruizhu designs small molecules targeted at specific tissues or organs through drug chemistry, computational chemistry, and artificial intelligence. Besides, the company is finding new indications through the target and the mechanism of medicine to meet medical needs. 

Most of Ningkang Ruizhu's projects focus on targeted drugs with clinical efficacy verification. Different from other pharmaceutical companies, Ningkang Ruizhu has re-optimized the molecular structure of these drugs, enabling them to have tissue specificity while binding to specific targets. It allows drugs to gather in specific tissues and organs, which can improve efficacy, avoid possible adverse reactions and expand indications of drugs.

In the future, the company will accelerate its clinical progress through independent development and cooperation.


About Hanne Capital

Founded in 2017, Hanne Capital is a private equity investment fund focusing on pharma, med-tech and biotech industries in China. Historically, Hanne Capital has deployed over 330 million dollars into a number of companies. Many of its portfolios have successfully listed on renowned stock exchanges at home and abroad, and Taiwan with a collective market capitalization of over 6.2 billion dollars.


About Hengqin Financial Investment

Founded in Zhuhai on January 28, 2014, Hengqin Financial Investment Group Co., LTD. (Hengqin Financial Investment) was registered of 4 billion yuan. The company helps Hengqin Government to cooperate with Australia, accelerate the development of industries and explore new patterns of marketization of state-owned capital.